Ginger Mint – Great in smoothies!

I found this wonderful mint at a local garden center. I don’t know how easy it is to find but I tried it in a smoothie today and it’s delicious!

Beltzville State Park

Hubby and I went to Beltzville State Park last weekend. We ate our veggie wraps then found a ridge trail to hike. We saw a waterfall and some pretty wildflowers nearby. It was a relaxing day and this was our second visit to the park.

Wood Sorrel

There is a wonderful organic fruit and veggie stand down the road from where I live. They also have local honey and other yummy goodies. I found this neat plant. It’s called wood sorrel. During the day the leaves fold closed and the flowers open. Then at night the flowers close and the leaves open.

Evansburg State Park

Hubby and I went hiking at Evansburg State Park. We ate lunch at the Italian Market located in nearby Skippack Village.