Caledonia and Mont Alto State Parks

Hi there, it’s been a lil while since I posted here. Hubby and I have been to a few new State Parks over the winter. We have now been to 87 out of 121 Pennsylvania State Parks!!! Check out our pictures from January 17th. I love the rhododendron and adorable critter footprints. Plus you won’t find hiking trails at Mont Alto, but you will find a really cool pavilion.

I’m so looking forward to Spring! January was sooooo cold this year. I started hearing the Mourning Doves cooing recently and it won’t be too long before the Catbirds and Hummingbirds return. I even have chives growing already in my garden. Happy 7 days before Spring!!!! Butterfly kisses and flower petal wishes. 🙂 ❤


Also I would like to mention my Etsy shop. Hubby and I stayed in a cabin a few weeks ago and I made some cute little crochet pouches while we were camping. I’ll create a post about our trip soon. For now here are some of the pouches I made and the link to my shop. 💜❤️💛 TanyasCrochetNook 


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