In The Moonlight

We used to go camping at the beach on Assateague Island. Back in 2006 we had so much fun one particular evening. The sky was clear and I saw the moon rise over the ocean. Hubby went to take a shower and missed the moonrise. We just had so much fun and even saw sattelites moving across the sky, that’s how clear it was. Anyway I was doing a lot of writing back then and here’s a poem I wrote inspired by that evening.



“In The Moonlight”


We spent a night

In the Moonlight

Beneath the milky way

And shooting stars

Off in the distance

Waves crashed on the beach

The breeze off the ocean

Scented the warm air

And we shared our joy

With love and laughter

On that special night

In the Moonlight


©Tanya Kohl 2018

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