Garden 2018 – Starting Seeds

Today, I spent my first day working in my garden for 2018! It was so wonderful feeling the warm sun on my face and starting some seeds. I still have so much to do. ❤ I have a lot of leaves to clean up, that’s for sure!! Here are some spring flowers and pretty garden decorations. A neighbor gave me the bird house this morning. 🙂



I made a cup of coffee and got to work!



I ordered some seeds from Etsy last month-


I hope the Dill grows this year. For some reason certain plants don’t grow easily for me. Cilantro is another one I’ve tried to grow and was not successful. I grew Calendula flowers last year and they are gorgeous!


I grow parsley for the Black Swallowtail Butterflies!


I definitely recommend Contender string beans and Salad Bowl lettuce! I planted this lettuce along with spinach one year. The spinach ended up with cabbage white eggs all over it. The salad bowl lettuce never has any eggs on it and nothing eats it. 😉


I don’t have much luck with carrots, beets, and radish either! LOL


This is my potting table and the bird feeder is behind me. I had black capped chickadees and nuthatches visiting while I was planting seeds.



The seeds I’m starting:


I brought them inside and covered them with plastic wrap until they start to grow:



I love the little speedwell wildflowers along my walkway ❤ 🙂 :


I usually buy the rest of my plants at the garden center. And of course all of my perennial flowers, herbs, and veggies should start popping up soon! Yay!!! Happy Garden 2018 !!!! 🙂

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  1. carolee says:

    Best of luck in your gardening season. Do you keep the seedlings in containers or transplant them into the garden?

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  2. Tanya Kohl says:

    Thank you! I transplant all of my herbs into bigger pots, as I find they grow better that way. I usually transplant my veggies into the garden. For flowers it usually depends. I find that certain flowers grow better in pots and others in the ground. Sometimes I run out of space and the flowers have to stay in pots. 🙂


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