Vintage Shop

Sometimes I enjoy looking around in vintage or antique shops.  I looked around inside one on the road trip the other day.  I found some cute items.  I like blue glass.  I even found a piece of blue sea glass last summer along the beach.  I also like to collect letters, post cards and pretty…

Camping Road Trip – April 2018

This week hubby and I stayed in a cabin for 2 nights at Kooser State Park.  We were able to visit 10 new State Parks on this trip, so now we have been to 102 out of 121 Pennsylvania State Parks.  We always try to hike and explore interesting things at each park.  Plus we…

Spring Wildflower Walk

Just wanted to do a quick little post here🌸😊 I have a bunch of hyacinth growing in different spots around my garden. I love the scent of hyacinth so much! I picked some to put in a vase inside. They make the whole room they’re in smell wonderful! I took this adorable picture of my Bubba….

Hayloft Petting Zoo

I have been visiting this petting zoo since I was a little girl. I love making collages out of my pictures. They tell the story of adventure, exploring, and fun times in a way I could never fully express with words.

Peach Passion Fruit Smoothie

3 Bananas 1 passion fruit 1 Cup of fresh or frozen peaches 2 Cups of spinach 20 oz. of water 1-3 T. Of chia seeds, optional  


Check out this beautiful picture of the zoodles I had for lunch today! I’ve been really enjoying more fruits and veggies lately and feeling great too! I taught myself how to cook in 2006 when I used to watch The Food Network. I still love to cook all kinds of food for others, but I…