Vintage Shop

Sometimes I enjoy looking around in vintage or antique shops.  I looked around inside one on the road trip the other day.  I found some cute items.  I like blue glass.  I even found a piece of blue sea glass last summer along the beach.  I also like to collect letters, post cards and pretty linens.


When I was taking pictures of what I found, I realized that the linen looks great on top of the chest my grandfather made.



The post card is from a trip to Florida.  I have always wanted to visit Florida and plan to someday for sure!  I have been to several other southern states so far.  On our trip this week we drove into West Virginia just say we were there. 😊

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  1. If you ever are do plan a visit to Florida, give me a holler and I can tell you some tropical fruits to look out for. Roughly the southern third of the peninsula is where most of the really good fruits grow.

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