Tuscarora State Park

This was the second State Park we have ever been to, and that was in the year 2001.  We have been here hundreds of times since then because this is the park we go hiking at the most.  The trails are just so beautiful and it’s relatively close to home.  Sometimes we enjoy canoeing, swimming, and picnicking here as well.  We went last week and here are the most recent pictures.  I have so many pictures I’ve taken at this park, and that’s why it has taken me so long to create a post about it.  Maybe sometime I’ll organize them and share more.  Enjoy!

DSC_0331 (2)DSC_0332 (2)DSC_0335 (2)DSC_0336 (2)DSC_0339 (2)DSC_0342 (2)DSC_0344 (2)DSC_0347 (2)DSC_0351 (2)DSC_0353 (2)DSC_0354 (2)DSC_0357 (2)DSC_0363 (2)DSC_0364 (2)DSC_0365 (2)DSC_0370 (2)DSC_0371 (2)DSC_0349 (2)DSC_0374 (2)DSC_0375 (2)DSC_0389 (2)

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