Milton State Park & Garden

We recently traveled to Milton State Park and hiked the 3 1/2 miles of trails. We packed food and also stopped at Brews and Bytes in Danville. It was a neat artsy place and I ordered a Buddha bowl. It was so yummy that I have been making my own Buddha bowls at home lately.


My garden is thriving! I love it… Here are the latest pictures… We ate dinner near the Willow tree the other night. IMG_20180614_110310DSC_0017DSC_0004IMG_20180607_095605DSC_0012IMG_20180614_171639IMG_20180613_111354IMG_20180613_130440IMG_20180607_095650DSC_0026DSC_0025IMG_20180602_173601IMG_20180602_173626I found some cute garden decorations at the dollar store…IMG_20180613_111718IMG_20180607_094238DSC_0027

Also, I have been making shopping bags to sell on my Etsy shop. I had a bag featured in a magazine several years ago and I just felt like making some more for fun. I have other projects going too like new curtains & pillows for my home…




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  1. I love your garden, it is so beautiful. I too love decorating my garden with dollar store items, that store is so fun to shop. Your photos are amazing and your bags are really pretty too.

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  2. Splendid garden shots! I like that photographic bokeh of that last shot! 🙂

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