Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

Paterson, NJ is known for the first planned industrial city and was centered around the Great Falls of the Passaic River.


This is fragrant sumac and it’s not poisonous.IMG_20180708_143744

After visiting the falls area, we went to have lunch at a park nearby called Garret Mountain Reservation.  We drove around for a while until we found a place to park since it was pretty crowded.  We lucked out because we found a great spot sitting on a rock overlooking Paterson and a great view of New York City.20180708_153103

We took a more scenic route home to stop at another area in Pennsylvania called Raymondskill Falls.  We have been here many times before and wanted to stop by for a hike.  We passed a cute place selling flowers for $1.50 each, so we went back and I picked up some marigolds and amaranth.IMG_20180708_172316IMG_20180708_175731IMG_20180708_175815IMG_20180709_085535

“Let us decide on the route that we wish to take to pass our life, and attempt to sow that route with flowers.”- Madame du Chatelet

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  1. I love waterfalls! Very nice 😊

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  2. Wonderful pictures… especially the trailed one with the log fence!

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  3. Steve says:

    What a really nice and awesome trip it was !!! Love you always !!! T

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  4. Sartenada says:

    How lovely photos. Thank You.

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