August Adventures


Hello there, I have been hiking three times since my last blog post.  I have some nice pictures to share.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe feel inspired or learn something new.

These are from visiting a nearby environmental education center.  They take in hurt birds to rehabilitate and release back into the wild.  Some of the birds are permanent residents.

Here are some pretty flowers from a state park we visited last weekend for a picnic and hike.  The butterfly garden was my favorite part.

I had a great time hiking yesterday and found these pretty pearly everlasting along the trail.

I have been finding nice flowers at the local produce stands.  Does anyone know what this potted plant is?


I hope your days are full of adventure and fun.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for taking us along on your hike. I think that potted plant is a succulent from the Aloe family. I have one very similar to yours that might be the same plant. I am no plant expert though so I could be wrong. Love the cat photos with the flowers, he is so cute.

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    1. Tanya Kohl says:

      Thank you for the nice comment and giving me your thoughts about this plant. I hope it lives for along time lol. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. stephen kohl says:

    You have a beautiful eye for picture taking !!!

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