Asters, Pears and More

IMG_20180928_153309IMG_20180929_095553My New England Asters are blooming.  They remind me of Mums.  I have also been enjoying local apples and pears.  They are so inexpensive right now.  I made oatmeal with chopped pears and maple syrup.  It was really good -a must try.  Lately, I have been hearing Great Horned Owls and Screech Owls in the woods near my house.  Screech owls are so darn cute!


I usually find purple morning glory in my garden, but this year i found pink as well.


Hubby and I have been on a few new nature walks.  We hiked the 5 mile Lakeside Trail around Tobyhanna lake over the weekend.  It’s north from where we live and the leaves are changing there already.


I made BBQ roasted chickpeas and red kidney beans to take along on our hike.  They turn out so much better when you dry them after rinsing and then don’t put any oil on until they are done roasting.  I also brought sliced apples, carrots, and celery.


I also got my hair cut.  I usually alternate between short and long hair.   I really love layers and I might maintain this hairdo for a while.  I really love it.


Take care!

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  1. Stephen Kohl says:

    The most beautiful picture of them all was the last one…..

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  2. Gorgeous photos, what beauty you are surrounded by.

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