Halloween Limerick Poems

Way back in 2000, I had a blog through AOL journals.  I can’t remember what year it was when AOL shut it down.  People were upset because they really worked hard on their journals and made alot of friends.  I blogged about the same things I do now and really enjoyed learning about the interesting people I met there.  Someone had a blog called “Poetry Dance” and I used to write poems for their weekly challenges.  I like to have fun and come up with a nice poem or short story.  I have a freelance writing degree and I took the course in case I ever wanted to pursue it further.  I’m still in the same place and still just enjoy it.   I really love to learn about people so I read and watch a lot of videos about issues and overcoming them.  Or just finding ways to live peacefully.  Anyway, I decided to look at some things I wrote tonight and I forgot about the Halloween limericks I wrote.  I also wrote a children’s Halloween story and I’ll have to read it to see if I’m brave enough to share lol.  So here are the limericks I wrote.  The last one is my fav.  They are from 2006. And in case you’re like, “what in the world is a limerick?” It’s a poem that’s often humorous with five lines. The first, second and fifth line rhyme, and the third and fourth lines are shorter and also rhyme.

Haunted House Limerick

As I entered the eerie looking haunted house

The floor squeaked like a mouse.

The door suddenly slammed behind me

And now I really have to pee.

Where is the bathroom in this house?


Spider Limerick

There was a spidery spider

Swimming around in my cider.

His future looked grim

As he neared the rim.

Now my lip hurts from that biter!


Witch Limerick

There was a witch on her broom

Who was flying past the moon.

Then a bat went SPLAT!

Against the witches hat

When there was plenty of room.


©Tanya Kohl 2018

One Comment Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    I especially like the last one ! Great creative work ! Keep it up ! 🎃

    Liked by 1 person

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