Fall Has Arrived

Normally Fall and the beautiful leaves happen in mid October here in Eastern Pennsylvania.  But this year it’s later because it was warm at the beginning of October.  Our maple tree out front is turning orange.  It’s so pretty.IMG_20181023_160542

It also rained a lot near the end of Summer and into Fall so we missed a lot of hiking trips.  I wanted to go to Ricketts Glen but we will definitely go next year for sure.  We are doing some hiking this week.  I’m really excited to visit some new awesome places.  The one place is somewhere I have always wanted to go because it’s where my grandparents went on their honeymoon.  Stay tuned for the pictures and stories.  Lately, I  have been enjoying the swing my hubby built us.  We found the swing at a thrift store, then hubby built the frame out of a tree from our property.  I helped lol.  It’s nice when there aren’t a lot of bugs and I can sit with Rosy by my side and have some coffee.  And just watch all the beauty that surrounds me.  My one cat Boop climbed up on top of the swing and I was looking for her everywhere lol.  She was even meowing and then finally I saw where she was lol.  I was like where are you?!? Haha!IMG_20181004_133043IMG_20181021_151623

That’s all for now.  Time to say goodnight. 🌛🌠


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  1. Great photos! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Stephen Kohl says:

    We have a sweet beautiful life !!!

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