Camping Road Trip – October 2018

Grab a hot beverage and check out our road trip pictures. 🙂 On this trip we visited 7 new PA State Parks and revisited 3.  We have been working on visiting all 121 PA State Parks since 2007.  In 2014 we picked up the Pennsylvania Passport book so we could have it stamped for each park we went to.  We’re up to 109!  Yay!!!

Our first stop was Black Moshannon State Park.  We have been here before but didn’t have our stamp yet so we got it then went for a short walk to stretch our legs.  I was so excited to find pitcher plants along the bog trail.  We saw pitcher plants at a wildflower preserve growing in a pot but not in the wild yet.

DSC_0070DSC_0071 (1)DSC_0064DSC_0062DSC_0061

In the last post I talked about our cabin and going for dinner then a hike.  The next day we were ready to leave at 6AM because we had a lot of places to go.  It was one of the best days!!!  We started out going to M.K. Goddard State Park and saw an amazing sunrise.

DSC_0074 (1)DSC_0076DSC_0085DSC_0083 (1)DSC_0089DSC_0091DSC_0078DSC_0087 (1)

Next stop was Pymatuning State Park where we saw some pretty Fall foliage.


After that we were on our way to Erie Bluffs and Presque Isle State Parks.  We have been to lake Erie before and it’s so neat how it looks like the ocean but it’s really a huge lake.  It’s an interesting experience.  We also drove through Ohio on the way.  Our first time in Ohio!


Then we went to New York to see a train that my hubby wanted to see.  We drove into New York a couple of times before.  I wrote about it somewhere on the blog lol.  On our ride through NY along Lake Erie we saw field after field of grape vines.  Anyway hubby is really into steam engine trains.  It was so great to watch him be so happy to see it once we got there.


A couple of posts back I said that we were going to visit the place my grandparents went on their honeymoon in the 40’s.  I was having fun creating some suspense. LOL I love to joke lightheartedly, have fun and be silly.  I don’t care for sarcasm too much.  Ok I’ll finally say it… we went to Niagara Falls!!!  When we got there we had no idea how wet we would get haha.  We found a parking space and I thought it was raining but it was from the waterfalls.  We weren’t prepared so we got drenched and it was pretty chilly out that day too.  Some people had ponchos on.  It wasn’t like that the entire time but we didn’t stay long and it was time to eat soon, so we looked around and got some pictures.  It was nice to see some birds and black squirrels up close.  I also thought that it looked fun over on the Canada side.  They have a ferris wheel!  I’m hoping to visit Canada someday.  We ended up stopping for pizza like we did before when we went to NY.


The last day of our trip we went to 5 State Parks.  When we drove into Oil Creek SP we saw two bald eagles.  Then we walked along the trail with signs talking about the first commercial oil well.


We enjoyed the last few parks before heading home.  We went to Kinzua Bridge, Elk, Chapman, and Bendigo.  I hope you enjoyed our pictures.  I wrote a haiku poem inspired by the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls.  Plus I’ll leave the links to our other camping road trips if you’d like to check them out as well.  Chat later! 🙂 ❤


When we feel afraid

There exists a rainbow bridge

Within us towards love

Copyright Tanya Kohl 2018


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  1. How fun, love road trips. Thanks for sharing, all your photos are gorgeous. Love that tiny little white mushroom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanya Kohl says:

      Thank you! We had a nice time. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by. 😊


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