Celebration Dinner

Yesterday we went back to Jim Thorpe to celebrate our Anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday.  Our anniversary is December 17th and my birthday is Jan 5th.  We had a nice dinner at the Broadway Grille Restaurant.

It all began several years ago around Christmas time when we went to Jim Thorpe to walk around and explore all of the cute shops.  We normally only stopped in town for coffees on the way home from hiking trips nearby.  There’s a candy store where they sell all kinds of fun vintage candies.  There’s a coffee shop called Muggles Mug with a Harry Potter theme.  I have had at least 7 of their vegan carrot cake cupcakes this year.  There is also a restaurant with an Alice In Wonderland theme that we’ve been to a few times.  There’s the 5&10 store and a few antique stores.  So when we went the first time we decided to eat at the Broadway Grille and it was really nice how we got a table in the front next to the beautiful tree.  Ever since then we call ahead to reserve that table so we can have one really nice sit down meal to celebrate.  Here are the pictures from this year.  We had a cozy good time!



DSC_0109 (2)DSC_0112



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