Happy New Year 2019


I like the posts where I share daily happenings.  Like short walks and food I eat.  Yesterday we went on a hike near the lake.  Then we stopped at the grocery store for a few things. We watched a red fox walking around near the store.


Today I added roasted bananas and apples to the oatmeal recipe I shared in the last post.  I chopped a banana and apple then sprinkled cinnamon and coconut sugar on top.  I roasted it at 350° for 15 minutes.  It was so yummy!


Tonight I made greek salads.  I  used this awesome recipe- Greek Style Salad I also added grapes, raspberry balsamic vinegar, and foil baked yellowfin tuna.

DSC_0189 (2)

Hubby and I always liked to make pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes on new years day.  I haven’t been eating pork so I picked up some healthier sauerkraut and some smoked apple sage field roast sausage to have along with the mashed potatoes.


Tonight we are going to play monopoly and have fruit & spinach smoothies!!! 🙂  In 2019, we hope to finish visiting all 121 Pennsylvania State Parks!!! ❤


Happy New Year!  Joy and peace to all!

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  1. mel says:

    Happy New year!

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  2. Wonderful photos–thank you for sharing!

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  3. BallesWorld says:

    I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

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    1. Tanya Kohl says:

      Thank you! Happy New Year!!!

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