Snow, Staying Warm, & More

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I have been thinking about Spring time lately and I’m going to start planning for my garden.  I like to use for remembering my ideas.  I’m also looking forward to the peaceful and beautiful snow that comes each year and covers everything.  We’re planning a hiking trip soon and it might snow the day we want to go.  I love hiking in the snow as long as it’s not too deep.  In that case, snowshoeing is awesome.  We went the last two years and loved it.  I usually wear long johns and loose sweatpants.  If I wear jeans with long johns then there isn’t enough space between my skin and the fabric to stay warm.  Plus I wear a down coat and I’d rather wear a turtleneck fleece sweater than a scarf.  And of course a hat or earmuffs and gloves.  So then when I’ve been hiking for 15 minutes, I don’t feel cold at all after that.

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The nature photos in this post are some I found while organizing photos and I thought they would be nice to share.


My skin becomes really dry in the winter so I tried a new lotion and it wasn’t helping.  Then I remembered a lotion bar I picked up at the Vegfest I went to last June.  I started using it and it worked wonderfully to heal my skin.  So I ordered more and a lip balm.  They sent me a free sample of soap too.  If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link- Naturally Silky Soap Plus you can use this coupon code mail10 for 10% off your purchase.


I also tried out another version of my afternoon oatmeal I’ve been enjoying almost everyday with coffee.  This one is 1 serving of prepared oatmeal with 1 T maple syrup and 1 T cocoa powder mixed in.  Then I topped it with 1 banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, 1 T maple syrup, 2 T hempseeds, and 2 T peanut butter.  And cinnamon on top.  This was my favorite so far!!


It snowed a little while I was working on this post so I went out to take a picture…

dsc_0070 (2)


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  1. Wonderful photos–thanks for sharing!

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  2. Stephen Kohl says:

    My sweetie is awesome !!!

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