Sunday Hike – March 24th

Yesterday’s hike was really beautiful because there was plenty of sunshine and we didn’t have to wear our winter coats.  This trail is one of our favorite trails and we have hiked it hundreds of times.  We don’t often see anyone else, but there were a lot of other people out hiking too.  We even came across a few people who told us one of them made the trail!


There’s a lot of rhododendron here and many tunnels created by it to walk through…


We found this interesting bottle along the trail.  I like it so I brought it home…  DSC_0120

We saw a small orange butterfly by the creek and it flew away before I could take a picture…



arch tree
A small arch tree!


Also, we made plans to finish visiting the rest of the Pennsylvania State Parks.   I’m looking forward to sharing photos and stories from our trip in future posts!  Thanks for reading & take care!!


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  1. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Stephen Kohl says:

    Tuscarora State Park is definitely one of our favorites and it’s close to home !! Can hardly wait till vacation !!!!

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