My Garden Notes – Five Year Record Book



I love this beautiful book.  Now I can keep track of all the new things I learn about my garden.  I can keep notes about plants like I started doing on my blog.  As well as notes about the weather, tasks, and wildlife sightings.

“With freedom, flowers, books, and the moon, who could not be happy?” –Oscar Wilde

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  1. Stephen Kohl says:

    Can hardly wait for home grown veggies!!😁

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    1. Tanya says:

      Yes, it will be the best year ever! 😊

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  2. Librarylady says:

    About this time every year I start to get antsy about getting out in the garden. Not quite spring, but just a hint, then a snowstorm! I love the Oscar Wilde quote, I’d not heard that before.

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    1. Tanya says:

      We have similar weather here.


  3. Such a pretty cover. I would probably doodle flowers in the pages as well, maybe even press some flowers or leaves from the garden too. Also add prints of all those pretty photos you take.

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    1. Tanya says:

      Wonderful ideas, thank you. 😊❤


  4. What a lovely concept! So glad I came across your beautiful and inspiring blog!

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