Early Spring Walk – March 17th

My hubby and I went for a walk yesterday and saw a lot of things we enjoy seeing this time of year.  We saw this curious squirrel… Pretty green buds… Turtles sunning themselves… Cardinals and many other songbirds… Ducks swimming in the creek… Many pairs of ducks and geese… A beautiful blue sky… A patch…

Early Spring Morning

The snow is receding.  Happy Dance! The chives are growing… I walked to the creek and my cats followed me.  Sunny stole the show. The moss is so beautiful. Today’s must try recipe- Shrimp and Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes and Romano Cheese

Little Bubba

This is Bubba when he was a kitten and when he was a few years old.  I can’t believe he’s going to be 10 years old this Spring!  Have the most purrific day!🐾

Feral Cats

It’s better to feed one cat than many mice.” -Norwegian Proverb Cats that live outside are called feral cats and a colony is a group of feral cats living together.  Right now, we have a colony of cats living outside our home.  I want to share what I’ve learned about adopting and caring for them….

Happy Snow Day – January

It snowed here overnight and after I had my coffee this morning I went outside to take pictures.  It’s so beautiful how the snowflakes sparkle in the sunshine! Yay🌞 My polar bear is so photogenic…. Can you caption this?

Walking, Crafts, and More

The first few pictures here are from a walk we went on a few weeks ago.  We love to pick up coffees and walk for 30 minutes at this trail.  At first I didn’t think I took great pictures, but they are actually really nice!  Yay! I also had a lot of fun picking up…

Happy May

Happy May ~ I spent some time outside this morning on this gorgeous Spring day.  I’m so happy the hummingbirds arrived today !!! One of my feeders is right outside the window where I do dishes.  This is where I grow my veggies. So far I have garlic and rhubarb coming up. More amazing photos….

Spring Wildflower Walk

Just wanted to do a quick little post here🌸😊 I have a bunch of hyacinth growing in different spots around my garden. I love the scent of hyacinth so much! I picked some to put in a vase inside. They make the whole room they’re in smell wonderful! I took this adorable picture of my Bubba….

My First Vegan Thanksgiving

This is what my first Vegan Thanksgiving looked like. It wasn’t all that different from when I used to eat turkey. The green bean casserole was healthier because I found a recipe using homemade mushroom soup instead of canned soup. I had some soup leftover so I used it as gravy on the stuffing. I…