Flowers, Vegetables, and Herbs

Here’s a boquet of happy flowers from my garden from 2 years ago. All flowers are beautiful and wonderful just like people. I still have to organize my flowers for this year. I have some transplanting to do. My herb and veggie gardens are all planted and doing well, especially with all the rain we…

Happy May

Happy May ~ I spent some time outside this morning on this gorgeous Spring day.  I’m so happy the hummingbirds arrived today !!! One of my feeders is right outside the window where I do dishes.  This is where I grow my veggies. So far I have garlic and rhubarb coming up. More amazing photos….

Spring Wildflower Walk

Just wanted to do a quick little post here🌸😊 I have a bunch of hyacinth growing in different spots around my garden. I love the scent of hyacinth so much! I picked some to put in a vase inside. They make the whole room they’re in smell wonderful! I took this adorable picture of my Bubba….

Garden 2018 – Starting Seeds

Today, I spent my first day working in my garden for 2018! It was so wonderful feeling the warm sun on my face and starting some seeds. I still have so much to do. ❤ I have a lot of leaves to clean up, that’s for sure!! Here are some spring flowers and pretty garden…

Herb Garden

  I used to plant my herbs in the ground but I find that they grow better and seem much happier in pots on my deck. 🙂 ❤

New England Aster

Back in May, I picked up two plants at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary when they were having their native plants sale. I brought home New England Aster and Pearly Everlasting. I love the names of native plants! By September, The New England Aster was full of flowers! I first saw this wildflower while on a walk…

Ginger Mint – Great in smoothies!

I found this wonderful mint at a local garden center. I don’t know how easy it is to find but I tried it in a smoothie today and it’s delicious!

Wood Sorrel

There is a wonderful organic fruit and veggie stand down the road from where I live. They also have local honey and other yummy goodies. I found this neat plant. It’s called wood sorrel. During the day the leaves fold closed and the flowers open. Then at night the flowers close and the leaves open.