Herb Garden

  I used to plant my herbs in the ground but I find that they grow better and seem much happier in pots on my deck. 🙂 ❤

New England Aster

Back in May, I picked up two plants at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary when they were having their native plants sale. I brought home New England Aster and Pearly Everlasting. I love the names of native plants! By September, The New England Aster was full of flowers! I first saw this wildflower while on a walk…

Ginger Mint – Great in smoothies!

I found this wonderful mint at a local garden center. I don’t know how easy it is to find but I tried it in a smoothie today and it’s delicious!

Wood Sorrel

There is a wonderful organic fruit and veggie stand down the road from where I live. They also have local honey and other yummy goodies. I found this neat plant. It’s called wood sorrel. During the day the leaves fold closed and the flowers open. Then at night the flowers close and the leaves open.