Pretty Berries

The sun was shining on the raspberry bushes covered with ice, so I grabbed the camera and walked over to take pictures.  I was so happy to find these pretty berries.  The bokeh is so neat.  

Harvesting & Drying Herbs

One of the great things about growing your own herbs is that you can enjoy using your harvest all winter long.  Thyme & sage are some of my dried herbs I’ll be using for Thanksgiving. I make a really nice olive oil and herb rub for the turkey.  Plus, I’m going to use my dried…

Growing Flowers

  A friend mentioned this beautiful book and I picked it up at my library.  I’m looking forward to growing more flowers in my garden next year and making pretty arrangements.  I love using both wildflowers from the woods and flowers I grow.   I’m thankful for my garden ❤

Flowers From My Garden – September 23, 2019

I planted some old seeds several weeks ago and was hoping some would grow and bloom before the frost.  This is what grew. I’m already brainstorming about next year’s garden.  I hope to pick up more native plants and grow a bunch of cut flowers so I can make my own floral arrangements.  And of…

Wildflower Bouquet

I made this Wildflower Bouquet using wildflowers growing in the woods around my home.  I also used some native plants from my garden: Tall White Aster White Snakeroot Garlic Chive Flowers Oxeye Goldenrod New England Aster

Garden Party

Welcome to my end of Summer garden party! I made pesto and it was delicious! We have sunshine & sunflowers! More lovely flowers & purr friends. Best party ever! 😹💞

Summer Grass

I was sitting on the swing while my coffee brewed and something caught my eye. This beautiful grass was sparkling in the sunshine and I knew I had to take pictures of it. A simple moment of happiness. Full of light and wonder.

Meet Kalmia

This is my Weeping Willow Tree.  My Aunt & Uncle gave it to me in 2010 and was a cutting from one of their willow trees. I trimmed the branches this morning and named it Kalmia, which was the name of a trail we saw at French Creek State Park last weekend. Kalmia is actually the…


I’m so happy my sunflowers are blooming!  I’m currently working on updating my blog and making some improvements.  I will be re-posting a few things.  We are busy remodeling our bathroom this weekend.  Hopefully we will fit a walk in at some point. Sunny fell asleep while I was pulling weeds this morning.  He’s so…

Butterflies Love Native Plants

Since my last blog post about watching butterflies, I have seen a new butterfly on the Boneset everyday.  I’m sure Boneset attracts more butterflies than a Butterfly Bush.  The native insects prefer native plants and even though Butterfly Bush looks really pretty, it’s not native. These little Skippers love the Lobelia. This is the last…