Samuel S. Lewis State Park

Today we went to a State Park we visited once before in 2014.  We did more hiking than last time and here are our pictures.  We can’t wait to return in the summertime to play disc golf and fly our kite. This park used to have an arboretum. Squirrel tracks- Beautiful views of the Susquehanna…

Spring Is Coming

I know Spring is coming near by the birds I begin to hear. I can sit all day on the swing to watch and listen to them sing. Soon the doves will coo and I will sing back “I love you!” The sun will be warm and bright when green buds are the best sight….

Brown Thrasher Haiku

Walking on the path A brown thrasher sings to me The same sound I made ©Tanya Kohl 2018

Caledonia and Mont Alto State Parks

Hi there, it’s been a lil while since I posted here. Hubby and I have been to a few new State Parks over the winter. We have now been to 87 out of 121 Pennsylvania State Parks!!! Check out our pictures from January 17th. I love the rhododendron and adorable critter footprints. Plus you won’t find…


This summer, I saw a great egret up close while we were in Cape May.  I was able to capture the most amazing picture…. This is a red headed woodpecker near the bird feeder at home… And this is a pileated woodpecker mama feeding her baby…