Memorial Day 2018

On Memorial Day, I think about my grandfather.  He had 8 siblings, grew up on a farm and walked to school without shoes.  He fought in WW2 and had a near death experience.  If he hadn’t survived, I wouldn’t exist today.  He was always my hero, and not only because of what happened to him. …

Happy May

Happy May ~ I spent some time outside this morning on this gorgeous Spring day.  I’m so happy the hummingbirds arrived today !!! One of my feeders is right outside the window where I do dishes.  This is where I grow my veggies. So far I have garlic and rhubarb coming up. More amazing photos….

Hayloft Petting Zoo

I have been visiting this petting zoo since I was a little girl. I love making collages out of my pictures. They tell the story of adventure, exploring, and fun times in a way I could never fully express with words.

Fun Museum Pictures + City of Reading, PA

Over the cold winter months, we still love to go hiking but sometimes we enjoy doing fun things indoors like visiting museums. We went to two museums and a Home & Garden Show. First up is the Antique Automotive Club of America Museum in Hershey, PA: This bus was used in the movie Forest Gump:…

In The Moonlight

We used to go camping at the beach on Assateague Island. Back in 2006 we had so much fun one particular evening. The sky was clear and I saw the moon rise over the ocean. Hubby went to take a shower and missed the moonrise. We just had so much fun and even saw sattelites…

Tyler State Park + Happy Spring

On Monday hubby and I went hiking. We saw fig buttercups and skunk cabbage. It’s so interesting that skunk cabbage produces it’s own heat up to 70 degrees. That’s why it’s able to grow when it’s still in The 40’s here in PA. Happy Spring! 😊🌸💜🌷☀

Peace Valley Nature Center

Peace Valley Nature Center is such a beautiful place to visit. The pictures are from August 2014, May 2015, and December 2017.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

  This is obviously one of my favorite places ever! 😉 We even picked out some plants for our garden during their native plant sale. My favorite wildflowers in my own garden? Wow!

Kings Gap Garden

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center is on the list of PA State Parks. We have been here a few times and always enjoy visiting the garden. The pictures are from summer and fall.