Spring Is Coming

I know Spring is coming near by the birds I begin to hear. I can sit all day on the swing to watch and listen to them sing. Soon the doves will coo and I will sing back “I love you!” The sun will be warm and bright when green buds are the best sight….

Memorial Day 2018

On Memorial Day, I think about my grandfather.  He had 8 siblings, grew up on a farm and walked to school without shoes.  He fought in WW2 and had a near death experience.  If he hadn’t survived, I wouldn’t exist today.  He was always my hero, and not only because of what happened to him. …

Smoothie Time

I started having a smoothie every morning a year ago. I make myself a big one and save some for hubby. I use 2-3 bananas Frozen or fresh fruit – blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, mango, cherries, etc. A couple of handfuls of spinach and/ or kale. Ground flax, chia seeds, or hempseeds And water or…

Kings Gap Garden

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center is on the list of PA State Parks. We have been here a few times and always enjoy visiting the garden. The pictures are from summer and fall.

Haiku Poems

A blue butterfly Upon a yellow flower Out in my garden   A mighty lion Stands proud with tranquil valor King of the jungle   The forget-me-nots Remind me of my mother And how I loved her   Thunder and lightning Admidst stormy skies above Send our hearts racing   Sunshine calms my soul And…