Early June Wildflower Walk

This is a trail we do our regular walking on for exercise.  We normally go before or after dinner.  It seems like not long ago we were here walking in the snow, surprised to see another person out there with the same idea.  Today was especially wonderful because the weather was just right, birds singing,…

Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve Walk

~I loved visiting Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve so much!!! Hubby and I had so much fun exploring this beautiful gem. It’s one of my new favorite places. I saw a lot of native wildflowers I’ve read about but haven’t seen before. The phlox filled the air with a sweet floral scent that you just can’t…

Happy May

Happy May ~ I spent some time outside this morning on this gorgeous Spring day.  I’m so happy the hummingbirds arrived today !!! One of my feeders is right outside the window where I do dishes.  This is where I grow my veggies. So far I have garlic and rhubarb coming up. More amazing photos….

Hayloft Petting Zoo

I have been visiting this petting zoo since I was a little girl. I love making collages out of my pictures. They tell the story of adventure, exploring, and fun times in a way I could never fully express with words.

Garden 2018 – Starting Seeds

Today, I spent my first day working in my garden for 2018! It was so wonderful feeling the warm sun on my face and starting some seeds. I still have so much to do. ❤ I have a lot of leaves to clean up, that’s for sure!! Here are some spring flowers and pretty garden…

Happy Holidays

Hi there & Happy Holidays! My hubby and I have been to two places we love so far for Christmas.  We went to Christmas Village and Jim Thorpe.  Here are the wonderful pictures. Christmas Village~ Jim Thorpe, PA~