Happy Snow Day – January

It snowed here overnight and after I had my coffee this morning I went outside to take pictures.  It’s so beautiful how the snowflakes sparkle in the sunshine! Yay🌞 My polar bear is so photogenic…. Can you caption this?

Minestrone Soup & Movies

Today was the coldest day so far this winter.  We stayed home to do some house cleaning and I made Minestrone Soup.  It was 15 degrees out at 5:30 when I made this soup. There are many ways to make a minestrone soup.  I used carrots, celery, onion, garlic, red bell pepper, fresh cherry tomatoes,…

Spring Is Coming

I know Spring is coming near by the birds I begin to hear. I can sit all day on the swing to watch and listen to them sing. Soon the doves will coo and I will sing back “I love you!” The sun will be warm and bright when green buds are the best sight….

Snow, Staying Warm, & More

I have been thinking about Spring time lately and I’m going to start planning for my garden.  I like to use Pinterest.com for remembering my ideas.  I’m also looking forward to the peaceful and beautiful snow that comes each year and covers everything.  We’re planning a hiking trip soon and it might snow the day…

Movies and Fall Recipes

We have been visiting our local library for over a year now for books and movies.  I even cancelled Netflix.  Here are the recent movies we borrowed and recommend… A Wrinkle in Time The Polar Express Same Kind of Different as Me Spanglish The Terminal No Reservations Entrapment Plus, I recently made two new favorite…

Staying Healthy and Fruit Salad

I want to share the ways I stay healthy and strong between walking and hiking trips.  I mainly enjoy yoga and fitness videos.  I also enjoy Zumba cause I love to dance as well. I have overcome a lot of physical pain and discomfort.  I went to physical therapy and a chiropractor.  It took almost…

Coloring & Chickpea Curry

Anyone else love to color?🌞💗 Also, I looove this Chickpea Curry recipe!  It’s super healthy and I make it almost every week.😋

Camping Road Trip – October 2018

Grab a hot beverage and check out our road trip pictures. 🙂 On this trip we visited 7 new PA State Parks and revisited 3.  We have been working on visiting all 121 PA State Parks since 2007.  In 2014 we picked up the Pennsylvania Passport book so we could have it stamped for each…

August Adventures

Hello there, I have been hiking three times since my last blog post.  I have some nice pictures to share.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe feel inspired or learn something new. These are from visiting a nearby environmental education center.  They take in hurt birds to rehabilitate and release back into the wild. …

Meadow Hike

Tuscarora State Park is beautiful ~ I feel happy and rejuvenated after a hike through this lush forest full of amazing natural wonders to pause and look at…. <3<3<3 “Keep your spirits high; let the little things excite you. Small joys prepare us for the big ones.”