Spring Is Coming

I know Spring is coming near by the birds I begin to hear. I can sit all day on the swing to watch and listen to them sing. Soon the doves will coo and I will sing back “I love you!” The sun will be warm and bright when green buds are the best sight….

Beach Haiku

Fun at the seashore Enjoying the sand and sun Fills my soul with glee   ©Tanya Kohl 2018  

In The Moonlight

We used to go camping at the beach on Assateague Island. Back in 2006 we had so much fun one particular evening. The sky was clear and I saw the moon rise over the ocean. Hubby went to take a shower and missed the moonrise. We just had so much fun and even saw sattelites…

Haiku Poems

A blue butterfly Upon a yellow flower Out in my garden   A mighty lion Stands proud with tranquil valor King of the jungle   The forget-me-nots Remind me of my mother And how I loved her   Thunder and lightning Admidst stormy skies above Send our hearts racing   Sunshine calms my soul And…