Little Buffalo & Reeds Gap

We visited the Butterfly Garden at Little Buffalo State Park.  A lady volunteer told us to look under the leaves of the milkweed and I found the cutest little monarch butterfly caterpillar. Then we traveled to Reeds Gap State Park to hike for a few miles.  The area where we parked was full of so…

Ricketts Glen State Park

This is one of our favorite trails to hike.  I loved that I found Blue Bottle Gentian along the trail, one of my favorite native wildflowers.  The Asters are a sure sign that fall is coming.

Super Cute Rosy

I had to share these super cute photos of Rosy.  She just woke up!  Stretch, yawn, cute overload.

Summer Grass

I was sitting on the swing while my coffee brewed and something caught my eye. This beautiful grass was sparkling in the sunshine and I knew I had to take pictures of it. A simple moment of happiness. Full of light and wonder.


I’m so happy my sunflowers are blooming!  I’m currently working on updating my blog and making some improvements.  I will be re-posting a few things.  We are busy remodeling our bathroom this weekend.  Hopefully we will fit a walk in at some point. Sunny fell asleep while I was pulling weeds this morning.  He’s so…

Electric City Trolley Museum

Hubby and I visited the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton over the weekend.  We went on a trolley ride and through a 1 mile tunnel.  It was so much fun! We ended up stopping at Seven Tubs Natural Area on the way home from the trolley museum for a quick hike.

A Walk Along The Beach

  The sky always looks amazing here.  We actually found two hermit crabs.  I wanted to take one home but knew they would be happier here.

Flowers Inspire Happiness

I love picking up these floral arrangements from the farm stand.  I return the vases and sometimes get them back.  I love the combination of Zinnias and Thai Basil here. Sunny always checks them out while I take pictures. Happiness blooms from within. “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine,…

Sunset Walk – Cape May

Yesterday we traveled to Cape May and it was the best day!  We did the usual.  Sat on the beach for a few hours, enjoyed my homemade pasta salad, had coffees & treats, and enjoyed the beauty around us. How many flowers can you count in this picture? 🙂 While walking the nature trail, we…

Butterflies Love Native Plants

Since my last blog post about watching butterflies, I have seen a new butterfly on the Boneset everyday.  I’m sure Boneset attracts more butterflies than a Butterfly Bush.  The native insects prefer native plants and even though Butterfly Bush looks really pretty, it’s not native. These little Skippers love the Lobelia. This is the last…