Mockingbird and Winter Aconite

On the last day of the great backyard bird count, I spotted a mockingbird sitting on top of the feeder.  I never saw one before and have wanted to see one for a long time. Yesterday, hubby and I went for coffees and a walk along one of our favorite trails.  I was happy to…

July Wildflower Walk

This trail is a gem. Look at all of the pretty flowers.  We used to walk here occasionally, but now we walk here a lot lately.  The variety and colorful display of so many flowers is incredible.  Here are the pictures from yesterday’s walk – My garden is doing well!  I love this time of…

Early June Wildflower Walk

This is a trail we do our regular walking on for exercise.  We normally go before or after dinner.  It seems like not long ago we were here walking in the snow, surprised to see another person out there with the same idea.  Today was especially wonderful because the weather was just right, birds singing,…

National Wildflower Week

I found out yesterday that this week just so happens to be National Wildflower Week.  We went to Bowman’s Hill Tower & Wildflower Preserve yesterday as well.  Then we went for a walk along the Delaware Canal State Park.  We have been to this area before and I created a blog post about the preserve…

Tyler State Park + Happy Spring

On Monday hubby and I went hiking. We saw fig buttercups and skunk cabbage. It’s so interesting that skunk cabbage produces it’s own heat up to 70 degrees. That’s why it’s able to grow when it’s still in The 40’s here in PA. Happy Spring! 😊🌸💜🌷☀

Peace Valley Nature Center

Peace Valley Nature Center is such a beautiful place to visit. The pictures are from August 2014, May 2015, and December 2017.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

  This is obviously one of my favorite places ever! 😉 We even picked out some plants for our garden during their native plant sale. My favorite wildflowers in my own garden? Wow!